Roof Framing and Trusses
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In the modern construction landscape, traditional building methods are being replaced by more sustainable, efficient, and versatile solutions. This challenge has excited us and we are particularly pumped about our work in the domain of roof framing and trusses. As a leading provider, Steel-Framed Engineered Solutions is at the forefront, offering comprehensive services from design to installation, catering to both residential and light commercial construction.

The Sustainable Choice

Steel-framed construction presents an eco-conscious choice for builders and developers. Unlike conventional materials, steel is recyclable, which significantly reduces the environmental impact. The precision engineering of steel frames minimizes waste, with construction material waste estimated at about 20-30% traditionally, steel frames engineered to exact specifications can virtually eliminate this excess. Furthermore, steel's recyclability enhances its appeal as a green building solution, being composed of 70% recycled materials.

Roof Framing and Trusses Redefined

Cold-formed metal roof trusses are redefining roof construction with their adaptability and fire resistance. These structures support a wide range of roofing materials and designs, including complex shapes and non-combustible materials. Engineered for resilience, they withstand wind, seismic activities, and other stresses while satisfying aesthetic desires and architectural requirements.

A Cost-Effective, Efficient Solution

The company not only advocates for sustainability but also emphasizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Its "ready-to-go" design packages include everything needed for the superstructure, with clear delineations of what's included and what's not, ensuring transparency and simplicity for the client. The pricing model is straightforward, providing options based on the material specifications and offering both local and export orders flexibility.

Installation and Support

Recognizing the challenges of construction projects, Steel-Framed Engineered Solutions offers comprehensive support. This includes detailed video tutorials, installation manuals, and the option for on-site support by their team. By pre-panelizing all components and pre-assembling floor joists, they ensure a smooth installation process that reduces labor costs and timelines.


Let's talk pricing. The cost per square foot for roof panels and trusses, offering a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit different project requirements:

Roof Panels 3.5” * 1.00mm are priced at $9.96 TTD or $1.46 USD, while the 1.50mm version is $16.63 TTD or $2.45 USD.
For larger 6.0” * 1.00mm panels, the cost is $13.78 TTD or $2.02 USD.
Roof Trusses, essential for structural integrity and architectural design, are offered at $37 TTD or $5.44 USD for 3.5” * 1.00mm, and $43 TTD or $6.32 USD for the 3.5” * 1.50mm variant.

As we embrace the future of construction, the shift towards more sustainable, efficient, and flexible building methods becomes crucial. Steel-Framed Solutions is leading this transition with its innovative approach to roof framing and trusses. Offering a blend of environmental sustainability, economic efficiency, and architectural versatility, they pave the way for a new era of construction that is not just about building structures but creating solutions for life.