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Steel-Framed Engineered Solutions Limited, is an innovative company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and fabricating exceptional light gauge steel framing as a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the construction ecosystem. Through combining cutting-edge and proprietary roll forming technology with advanced 3D Building Information Modeling software, SFESL provides an unparalleled building experience for architects, developers, contractors, and homeowners. The end result is a light gauge steel framing system that provides superior precision from production through installation.

Our Steel Framing System has all the advantages of cold-formed steel such as extreme versatility, simple execution, high speed of construction and low weight of the final frame. The accurate design process ensures that the construction process is seamless with absolutely no wastage. The industrialized products lead to higher precision
(1 MM to be exact) ensuring effective quality control. The superior performance of this system includes shock resistance, anti-coercion, fire protection, insulation and waterproofing.We have partnered with SFS International, the global leaders in structural cold-formed steel systems, to take full advantage of the most advanced construction system to date.

This ensures that the key elements in design, manufacturing and assembly are all integrated for the highest levels of efficiency and structural integrity.Long live the days of overcrowded construction sites, large amounts of construction machinery and messy sites. The modern way to build not only reduces the number of laborers needed but also decreases the time needed for construction. You can estimate that our system is about 50% quicker than traditional concrete.


  • Affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting
  • Enhanced Fire & Earthquake resistance
  • Resistance to Termites
  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Quality look, neat, level, straight, square
  • Pre-punched services holes for plumbing and electrical
  • Easy installation of windows and doors (level & square)
  • Clean Job Site
  • Fully intergrated engineering-walls, floor joist.
  • Roof trusses all designed to bolt together with hurricane straps for high load rating.


  • Built to international standards using the latest cold-formed steel framed technology.
  • Enhanced Fire & Earthquake resistance
  • Highly resistant to both fire and termites.


  • Pre-engineered and pre-assembled load bearing panels.
  • Most single level superstructures can be erected in as little as ten days.
  • Two-level superstructures can be erected in as little as three weeks.
  • Roof framing can be installed in as little as two days.
  • Outdoor decks and mezzanine floors can be installed in as little as two days.
  • Sheds, garages, store rooms and guard booths in as little as two days.
  • Staircases in as little as two days.


  • All service holes for electricals, plumbing, cable and internet are pre-punched throughout all walls.
  • Jobsite is clean and neat with no need for gravel and bricks.
  • Structure including roofing installed quickly so rain is not a major factor

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Technical Information

Downloadable specification sheets at links below

Roof Trusses

Our Roof Trusses and Rafters are designed by computer analysis, in seconds, and fully supported by our Design Manuals which references critical design information in both the design and application of our Roof Trusses. SFESL International can supply a variety of Roof Truss styles, from basic Plate and Cee Trusses to the high performing T Cord Truss Systems.

Wall Panels

STEEL-FRAMED ENGINEERD SOLUTIONS LTD International has developed and delivered a range of Wall Panel Systems which have been individually certified by world recognised Engineers. Wall Studs are designed by computer analysis in seconds and fully supported by our Design Manual which references critical design information in both the design and application of our Wall Panels. SFS International Wall Panels can be supplied in any size between 50mm to 250mm and Design to either Australian or British Standards, and to any other Standards where available

Wall Panel Features:

  • Any size between 50mm and 250mm
  • Variable Gauges between 0.55mm and 2.50mm.
  • Variable Steel Grades from G345mpa to G450mpa.
  • Dimples with Pre-Punched holes.
  • Screw or Rivet connections.
  • Inkjet printing.

Floor Systems

STEEL-FRAME ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS LTD. has a range of Flooring Systems and just like our Truss and Wall Systems our Flooring Systems have been individually certified by world recognised Engineers. Our Flooring Systems are detailed by ProCAD and fully supported by our Design Manuals which references critical design information in both the design and application of our Flooring System.

Floor System Features:

  • Variety of styles and section sizes up to 300mm
  • Variable Gauges between 1.20mm to 3.00mm
  • Variable Steel Grades from G345mpa to G450mpa.
  • Detailed by ProCAD Software.
  • Pre-Punched connection Tabs for fast and accurate connections.
  • Screw or Bolt connections – No Bracket required !
  • Inkjet printing.
  • Fully Processed “Smart Parts” for fast assembly.


What is the cost benefit of using Steel Frame?

The main cost benefit of steel-framed structures is time savings. A shorter project timeline leads to less time with contractors as well as less bridging finance cost. 

Would there be any issue with the approval process of town and country?

No, our system has full Ministry of Works approval, the process will be same as traditional concrete.

How long will it take for my building to be completed?

On average your project can be completed 50% quicker than traditional brick and mortar.

What is the “super structure’ and what does it include?

The superstructure is basically the enclosed shell of a building. It includes all the framing (internal and external walls, roof framing), the radiant barrier insulation, the external cladding, roofing (sheeting, soffits, guttering and downpipe) and all fasteners and anchors. For two story structures, it also includes the floor framing and boarding for the first floor.

Will assembly be required on site?

The bulk of the assembly is done in our factory and is delivered to site (wall panels and roof truss etc). On site you would be required to “put the panels together”.

What type of foundation is required?

In keeping with Trinidad’s building codes, different areas have different foundation specifications. So while the structure will be lighter than concrete, the foundation will be the same, but under less load.

Is there a per square foot price ?

We have a rough estimate price of $165 +VAT for single storey and $186 +VAT for two storey for the super structure (not inclusive of foundation or finishings). Please note that this is a rough estimate assuming we are doing from the ground up. This is subject to change based on engineering assessment.

What additional benefits does Steel Frame offer?

- High strength to weight ratio
- Engineered for hurricanes and earthquakes 
- Structure life span over 200 years Fire, termite & moisture resistant
Super structure built in as little as one week
Roofing installed within second week
Fewer delays due to weather; shorter project timeline
60% cooler than conventional homes (saving money on electricity) 
Services holes pre-punched for electricity, plumbing, cable, computer etc.