Steel Framed Engineered Solutions delivering high quality products - Nov 26, 2018

Bobby Liu, General Manager of Steel Framing Systems International has given a ringing endorsement to Steel Framed Engineered Solutions in Trinidad and Tobago on delivering high quality steel framed structures and products.

“If you send Steel Framed Engineered Solutions a project and you want all these tricky designs done I want you to get a sense that these guys can do it consistently and deliver in a timely manner. It will also be safe because in conjunction with the consultant engineer they are delivering a product that is far more consistent and technical than what is on the market today, said Liu about the premier steel framed manufacturing company in this country.

The Australian felt that architects, contractors and engineers need to take advantage of the advanced machinery currently being used at Steel Framed Engineered Solutions which is based at San Juan.

“I can guarantee that our steel framed system will work because the machine can reproduce the exact truss to the millimetre and exactly how the engineers have certified it. Where you normally get a disconnect is where the engineer has an idea and draws it up beautifully but the contractor on site is wondering how I am going to get this exact specifications over and over. Machines don’t sleep or make mistakes. If you want a hole there it will put a hole there…if you want to cut this out it will cut this out. So that’s what I mean by end to end consistent product and consistent production,” said Liu.