Our Roof Trusses and Rafters are designed by computer analysis, in seconds, and fully supported by our Design Manuals which references critical design information in both the design and application of our Roof Trusses. SFESL International can supply a variety of Roof Truss styles, from basic Plate and Cee Trusses to the high performing T Cord Truss Systems.


Plycem, for more than fifty years, has been dedicated to developing and improving the fiber cement technology –of which we are the pioneers, by constantly innovating the development of products to offer the best to our customers. 
We promote a complete portfolio of fiber cement solutions that can be used for expansions, renovations and full construction in residential and commercial constructions. We manufacture roof sheaths, floor substrates, ceilings or tiles, internal and external walls, moldings, and a wide variety of architectural products.


  • Plycem/Plyrock 4 ft x 8 ft sheets
  • Moulding
  • Siding or Shiplap
  • Building Wrap/Radian Barrier
  • Tek point Screws, framing Screws


A combination of steel framing technology and Plydeck by Plycem, give new life to the outdoor space of your home with our decking solutions! Whether you want to simply add our Plydeck boards to your existing flooring or use our framing as a base to create an entirely new addition to the property, we can get you set up in as little as two weeks as we help you achieve your goals faster.


  • 12ft X 6 inch boards 


As a result of the merger between the two oldest and most prestigious fencing companies in Spain, MRT has accumulated more than 150 years of experience, which allows it to perfectly master the most advanced techniques in the sector
Thanks to its continuous investment policy, MRT has pushed for Total Quality Management to satisfy the needs of all customers through a reliable and proactive organization.


  • Security Fence Panels
  • Post
  • Gates


Twyford has led the way in bathroom product design for over 160 years creating beautiful sanitaryware to suit every home and commercial environment. With high production values and quality backed up by 25 year and lifetime guarantees, it is a name you can trust. With collections to suit every taste and budget, design goes hand in hand with functionality and innovation ensuring that the products look good and perform to exceptional standards.


Toilets which include:
  • Close couple toilets
  • Back to wall units
  • Wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns
  • Disabled toilet systems 
  • Pedestal Washbasins
  • Wall hung & Vanity units
Brassware & Fittings:
  • Shower Mixers
  • Faucets
  • Pillar Taps
  • Thermostatic Mixers
  • Waste
  • Bottle Traps
  • WC Connectors
  • Drinking Troughs
  • Lab Sinks
  • Cleaner Sinks
  • Utility Sinks